Zulu DJ Software

"Mix music tracks easily"

Zulu DJ software keeps system memory freed up and keeps the program with fewer failures and slowdowns. Very good for people who have limited resources. It's a very small program running in the background, easy to configure even for a lay man. It has got lot of room for mixing the way the DJ want it to be. GUI needs some work on it. It takes some time to figure it out. This is a good software, easy to download and easy to use. Very simple and not enough customizable. Functions and facilities are at par with any other pro DJ package. User can clear play list with plenty of forward capacity and facility to store play lists are ready for use. One can directly access to resources - even on removable devices. Great for house parties and small events. The best thing about Zulu DJ is that you can carry a ton of music with you and you don't need to sour for the right song from the right album of the right artist. You can search by song or artist, even better, you can match BPM off the bad and find something that will work, at least in terms of beat matching.

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