Microsoft Word

"A standard word processing product"

Microsoft Word a user friendly product is the most popular word processing software program. Spell Check, Thesaurus, templates, and simple formatting among the array of features offered by Microsoft Word may be the reasoning behind users preferring Word to other software. Word presents the most features for users and has a help function to assist users to become fluent with all of the features. Though I would recommend Word to any PC owner, word does have shortcomings. Flexibility within words Auto format is the blemish I tend to experience the most, causing more manual formatting. As spell check and grammatical errors show immediately, users have become more dependent on the program than their education. This is a concern as spell check does not recognize all errors, and submitted work if not proof read may be incorrect. Though some blemishes with Word, taken as a whole as long as there isn't a power outage the software is simple to use and worth the cost.

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